A Glance Into The Commission Process

The commission process is an invitation for private collectors and industry professionals, including Interior Designers and Art Consultants to become directly involved in Mary Elizabeth's creative process. From the initial meeting all the way through to completion, Mary Elizabeth guides the process every step of the way to produce a 100% unique piece of art. 

1. Consultation & Booking 

2. Collaboration & Creation 

3. Fall in Love with Your One-of-a-Kind Painting!


Let's Make Something Beautiful Together

I never tire of looking at this painting! Between work and family, it’s hard to get a minute to myself. When I find I'm getting too busy, I sit down in front of this piece and just let my mind wander. It really helps me to relax and recharge.

Jess, Private Collector

ME is my go-to for gorgeous art. I like having one large piece over a gallery wall for the biggest impact. Over and over again her paintings just make the space I’ve assembled come alive and start to sing. It's pure magic.

Christina, Interior Designer

For one recent commission ME beautifully blended the client's vision with her own artistic eye, and created a one of a kind piece that thrilled my client. Her talents go far beyond the canvas. She is a delight to work with and a joy to know.

Sara, Gallery Manager

I love Mary Elizabeth's work! She is a delight to work with; very responsive and willing to help you choose the exact right art. I selected more art than I originally thought because she was so great to work with! I have some at my office and made some gifts.

Laura, Private Collector

ME is incredibly talented. Her art can create a passionate dialogue of creativity and transport the viewer into places that can be enjoyed both in residential and commercial spaces. We represent her art with great success, when you work with her you feel an immediate connection, that is authentic and wrapped in her true integrity.

Denise, Art Consultant

Mary Elizabeth was fantastic. She showed me a variety of pieces and made suggestions based on our needs. Very much appreciated the personal engagement and service!

Rosemary, Private Collector

I have been a fan of Mary Elizabeth’s work for many years. Her innate knowledge and use of color in space is what drew me to her art. Her pieces fit our rooms perfectly and “make” the space feel complete.

Nicole, Private Collector